by Yishu Wang

Artist Yishu's hand-pulled black and white screen printing artist book Summer, Go Home represents a diversion and a new direction to her largely representational art practice. Summer, Go Home's minimal imagery and the void of colors and tones represents a piece of the artist's memory materialized in words, signs, and the physicality of the book itself.

"This artist book is divided into front and back. The accordion fold allows the viewer two different ways of viewing the book: one presenting viewers purely with imagery and signs, the other purely words. The two sides illustrate and interpret each other in a dialogue that examines the limitation and possibility of each form of expression."

Limited edition of 18.





Artist Bio

Yishu Wang is an artist work in the field of printmaking and book art. Her works have been widely shown at museums and galleries nationally and internationally. She also independently works as an art curator and distributor to bridge the artist community in China, Taiwan and United States.

Her art work is strong, expressive experimental printmaking and book art with the original approach to her imagery. As a foreign artist works in the USA for many years, her work visually explores the relationship between self-identity and social identity. Her works are important tabecause it brings the social awareness of the identity issue of the minority group of the contemporary mix culture society.

Meanwhile, She also has curated many shows at Taiwan, China and United States to bring the artists in different countries together. As a Chinese book art avant garde, she had curated the Artable’s Book Art show 2016 at Shanghai, China, it is one part of Shanghai Design Week 2016. As one of the two book art shows in China this year, over 30 top book artists from all over the world invited. Her artist book works also selected by “Book Art In China”, will be presented at Codex Book Art Fair 2017, the biggest international professional book art fair worldwide.

In the past 4 years, Yishu has written many articles to introduce the contemporary art scene at Bay Area to Chinese audiences. She believes an artist should also take responsibility to the art community, divert effort to bridge the culture gaps between different countries.