Untitled landscape

by Jiajun Wang

Shinto (神道), a philosophical path or study of Kami (deities), is a native religion of Japan. It is devoted to the worship of a multitude of deities. In Shinto, Kami are part of nature, and the interconnecting energy that live in places such as in animals, plants, stones, mountains, rivers, people and even the dead. Kami are believed to be hidden from the world, yet artist Jiajun Wang is curious, and expecting an encounter. Through lens, he started exploring the city, stepping into the nature.

The box is a place to store photographs made of Kami in different forms. In this 3.5” x 3.5” x 13.5” space*, there is evidence of the artist as a human being, sharing his living space with Kami. By making these photographs, Wang finds himself in harmony with these places, and this peacefulness and awe of nature come his photographs.

*Content including: An archival inkjet print, a zine, and a poster.